Unexpected Sunflowers


It was the last few days of fall near the village of St. Cirq Lapopie.  Ann and I were taking a quick trip to the nearby flour mill in the next village. We had been traveling this road for several months on a regular basis. We knew the road and what we could expect to encounter on our way to the mill. Deep in conversation, we came around a bend in the road. Suddenly to the right of us, we were upon an abundant and magnificent field of sunflowers in full bloom. The placement of the sun at that very moment was perfection.

We were full of wonder. At first, we could barely speak… then we both had a series of questions. How was this field possible? Were these volunteer sunflowers? Who had planted them? Why hadn’t we seen them before? Why were they blooming this time of year? Had we seen them last year? Was this field purely for our pleasure?

We continued to talk with enthusiasm about the sunflowers as we pressed on to the flour mill before it closed for the day. As we made our way back home, we passed the sunflower field again. We both had the same idea. Let’s turn the car around and go back so we can stand in the field and truly take in the wonder and magic of that moment.

Ann had a camera in hand. She must have taken at least thirty pictures. 

We moved deeper into the sunflowers and just stood in their midst. We noticed that there were a variety of root vegetables planted in between the flowers. The ground was muddy as we moved through the field but we didn’t care. And again we had questions that just couldn’t be answered.

We noticed that near the field was one lone tree with glorious pink fall leaves. Such a contrast to the sunflowers. In another direction, we saw the formidable cliffs. Our senses were overloaded!

Finally, we forced ourselves to get in the car and leave the magic of this beauty behind us. As we headed for home, we had a few moments of quiet - that’s unusual for us.

When the silence broke, we both spoke of the wonder that fills our lives each day and in the most unexpected ways. We were so grateful that to have been together and to have shared the same appreciation for this experience.