2019 courses coming soon!


PRICE for course

$1825 per person for a five day course

what you will learn in the course

  • Scoring, proofing and baking techniques

  • How to bake with a wood fired oven and home oven

  • How to create and maintain your own sourdough starter

  • Hand and machine dough mixing

  • How to shape and make bagels, brioche, croissants, baguettes, pizza dough, rustic loaves, English muffins and more

Also included with the course

  • Food made with any baking lesson, most lunches and some dinners as indicated

  • Shopping at a local market

  • Tour of a local flour mill

  • Visit ancient wood fired ovens in the village

  • Wood fired oven pizza dinner

  • Meal on an island in a nearby village

  • An unforgettable dinner celebration in a private garden

  • A bakers apron and hat to use when baking and

  • A booklet with course recipes