your week long experience in st. cirq lapopie



  • Arrive at Maison d’Être, your home for the week
  • Snack and dinner provided


  • Leave home by 10 AM for the market in Limogne en Quercy
  • Purchase fresh ingredients for pizza dinner at the market
  • Enjoy a café au lait at Galopin on the square
  • Shop for antiques, linens and souvenirs
  • Prepare Pre-doughs for Bagels, Focaccia and Rustic Loaves
  • Shape pizza dough
  • Prepare pizzas for dinner in our private garden at 7PM


  • Make and Bake Focaccia
  • Make and Bake Rustic Loaves
  • Make Bagels and Refrigerate Overnight
  • Prepare Pre-dough for Pretzels
  • Dinner on your own


  • Bake Bagels
  • Make and Bake Pretzels
  • Prepare Pre-dough for Brioche and Baguettes
  • Dinner provided


  • Make and Bake Baguettes
  • Make Brioche and Refrigerate
  • Dinner on the Island with Penni


  • Shape and Bake Brioche
  • Dinner on your own


  • Lunch on your own
  • Free time to explore village and prepare to depart Saturday
  •  Farewell celebration dinner in garden with live local musicians (if available) and dancing


  • Breakfast provided

Classes are available by request for non-resident students on a space-available basis and will include the recipes of the day and the same amenities as the resident cooks.